Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies Minor

Admission to the Minor

Any student who intends to earn the minor in REES should speak with the program chair by the end of the junior year at the latest.

Minor Requirements

The minor in REES consists of six courses, in which the student must achieve a GPA of B. These courses must include RUSS101 and RUSS102 or two semesters of Russian language study at the appropriate level and four more REES courses, of which one must be taken in each of the three areas of politics and economics, history and religion, and literature and culture (see course list). The fourth course may be in any of the three areas or may be a semester of intermediate or advanced Russian. Two of the courses may be taken during study abroad (with prior approval). All courses except RUSS101 and RUSS102 must be taken for a grade. Students should plan the minor in consultation with REES faculty.

Satisfactory completion of the minor will be certified by the program.