2021-2022 Edition

Academic Catalog

Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies Minor


The REES Program offers an interdisciplinary range of courses in Russian language, history, politics, literature, culture, and film, as well as the culture and society of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. We encourage students to study abroad, and our majors have done research in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and other countries in the area. Russia continues to play a major role in global affairs, so the study of Russia occupies an important place in the Wesleyan curriculum, for both majors and non-majors. Our graduates have gone on to careers in research and cultural analysis, education, law, artistic production, diplomacy and public service, business, and communication. 

Admission to the Minor

Any student who intends to earn the minor in REES should speak with the program chair by the end of the junior year at the latest.

Minor Requirements

The minor in REES consists of six courses, in which the student must achieve a GPA of B. These courses must include RUSS101 and RUSS102 or two semesters of Russian language study at the appropriate level and four more REES courses, of which one must be taken in each of the three areas of politics and economics, history and religion, and literature and culture (see course list). The fourth course may be in any of the three areas or may be a semester of intermediate or advanced Russian. Two of the courses may be taken during study abroad (with prior approval). All courses except RUSS101 and RUSS102 must be taken for a grade. Students should plan the minor in consultation with REES faculty.

If a student places out of one or more semesters of language, they must take enough courses in REES to add up to a total of 6.

Satisfactory completion of the minor will be certified by the program.

GOVT274Russian Politics1
HIST219Russian and Soviet History, 1881 to the Present1
HIST353The Communist Experience in the 20th Century1
RELI239Modern Shamanism: Ecstasy and Ancestors in the New Age1
RELI271Secularism: Godlessness from Luther to Lenin1
RELI289Indigenous Religions: Politics, Land, Healing1
RELI393"If there is no God, then everything is permitted?" Moral Life in a Secular World1
RELI299Imagining Communities: National Religions and Political Rituals1
REES205Murder and Adultery: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and the 19th-Century Russian Novel1
REES208FOtherness & Belonging (FYS)1
REES220Speak, Memory: The Russian Memoir1
REES223After Communism: Animals, Avatars, Hybrids1
REES224Performing Russian Culture: From Peter the Great to the Russian Revolution1
REES233Introduction to Russian and Soviet Cinema1
REES235Queer Russia1
REES240FReading Stories: Great Short Works from Gogol to Petrushevskaya (FYS)1
REES254Nobel Laureates: The Politics of Literature1
REES255Prague, Vienna, Sarajevo: 20th-Century Novels from Central and Eastern Europe1
REES256The Soviet Century1
REES267Parody: Humor, Artistic Evolution, and Restoration of the Sacred1
REES277Gogol and His Legacy: Witches, Con Men, and Runaway Noses1
REES321Moscow/Berlin: Socialist Modernity and the Transnational Avant-Garde1
RUSS101Elementary Russian I1.5
RUSS102Elementary Russian II1.5
RUSS201Intermediate Russian I1
RUSS202Intermediate Russian II1
RUSS301Third-Year Russian I1
RUSS302Third-Year Russian II1