2023-2024 Edition

Academic Catalog


George H. Acheson and Grass Foundation Prize in Neuroscience • Established in 1992 by a gift from the Grass Foundation, this prize is awarded to an outstanding undergraduate in the Neuroscience and Behavior Program who demonstrates excellence in the program and who also shows promise for future contributions in the field of neuroscience.

Alumni Prize in the History of Art • Established by Wesleyan alumni and awarded to a senior who has demonstrated special aptitude in the history of art and who has made a substantive contribution to the major.

American Chemical Society Connecticut Valley Section Award • Awarded for outstanding achievement to a graduating chemistry major.

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry • Awarded for excellence in analytical chemistry.

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry • Awarded to an undergraduate student in inorganic chemistry to recognize achievement and encourage further study in the field.

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry • Awarded to a senior who has displayed a significant aptitude for organic chemistry.

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry • Awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement by undergraduate students in physical chemistry, and to encourage further pursuits in the field.

American Institute of Chemists Award • Awarded for outstanding achievement to a graduating chemistry major.

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biochemistry Honor Society • The ASBMB Honor Society recognizes exceptional undergraduate juniors and seniors pursuing a degree in the molecular life sciences. Students are recognized for their scholarly achievement, research accomplishments, and outreach activities in the molecular life sciences.

Ayres Prize  The gift of Daniel Ayres, Class of 1842, to the first-year student who attains the highest academic standing in the first semester.

Baden-Württemberg—Connecticut Sister State Exchange • A grant for one academic year’s study at a university in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, administered by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education.

Baldwin Fellowship • Established in 1952 by family and friends of Horace Reed Baldwin, Class of 1947, and awarded annually for study at law school to the member of the senior class who, in the opinion of the committee, shows the most promise of becoming an outstanding lawyer and public-spirited citizen.

Beinecke Scholarship • Awarded by the Sperry Fund for graduate study in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Bertman Prize • Established in memory of Bernard T. Bertman, associate professor of physics, by gifts from his colleagues, family, and friends, in 1970. Awarded to a senior majoring in physics who displays a particularly resourceful and creative approach to physics research.

Best Honors Thesis in Sociology Award • Established by the Department of Sociology to honor Herbert H. Hyman, distinguished scholar, pioneer in survey research methodology, and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Sociology. Awarded annually to students, whether sociology majors or not, who in the opinion of the faculty have written outstanding theses on a sociological topic.

Best Paper Prize in Sociology Awarded annually to students who have written the best scholarly papers in sociology in the previous year.

Blankenagel Prize • Income from the John C. Blankenagel Fund, established in 1970, awarded at the discretion of the Department of German Studies to enrich educational offerings in the area of humanistic studies, or to assist a superior student in completing a project in German studies.

Boylan Award • Given by Jennifer Boylan in honor of her classmate, Annie Sonnenblick, the award recognizes an outstanding piece of creative nonfiction, journalistic work, or writing for general readers.

Bradley Prize • The gift of Stanley David Wilson, Class of 1909, in memory of Professor Walker Parke Bradley, to the senior or junior who excels in chemistry and particularly in special original work.

Bridge Builder Award • Awarded to a student and student group who have succeeded in strengthening the relationship between Wesleyan and the greater Middletown community.

Briggs Prize • Established in 1900 by the gift of James E. Briggs, to the student who has done the most effective work in intercollegiate debating.

Professor Samuel Hugh Brockunier Prize • Awarded for the best final essay on a social studies topic by a student in the Graduate Liberal Studies program.

Christopher Brodigan Fund Award • Established in memory of Christopher Brodigan, a Wesleyan student who died in an accident in his freshman year. The fund pays tribute to Christopher’s deep interest in Africa and to the public service he provided through teaching in Botswana prior to entering Wesleyan. Awarded to graduating seniors and recent graduates who plan to pursue public service or research in Africa.

Erness Brody Prize • Established in 2002 by Ann duCille in honor of Professor Erness Bright Brody, former chair of the African American Studies Program. Awarded annually to a senior African American Studies Program major for excellence in written expression.

Bruner Freshman Improvement Prize • The gift of William Evans Bruner, Class of 1888, to the student whose second-semester first-year record shows the greatest relative improvement over that of the first semester.

Butler Prize • The Butler Prize, established in 1991 in honor of retiring colleague Jeffrey D. Butler, is awarded for the best Honors thesis in African, Asian, or Latin American history.

Butterfield Prize • Established by the Class of 1967 and awarded to the graduating senior who has exemplified those qualities of character, leadership, intellectual commitment, and concern for the Wesleyan community shown by Victor Lloyd Butterfield, eleventh president of the University.

Camp Prize • Established in 1905 by the Board of Trustees in memory of Samuel T. Camp, trustee 1880–1903. Awarded for excellence in English literature.

Nancy Campbell/National Trust for Historic Preservation Summer Internship Program • Established by friends and admirers in honor of Nancy Campbell, wife of former Wesleyan University President Colin Campbell, in recognition of her national leadership in historic preservation, and awarded to rising juniors or rising seniors.

Frank Capra Prize • Established in 1983 to honor Frank Capra, Hon. 1981, the great American film director whose collected papers are in the Wesleyan Cinema Archives. Best film to exemplify Capra’s skill in telling a human story that contains both humor and pathos.

Cardinal Crest Award • Awarded to the member of the WSA who has given honor to his/her post on the WSA or one of its committees through his/her leadership, and has selflessly served the greater interest of the Wesleyan student body.

Chadbourne Prize • The gift of George Storrs Chadbourne, Class of 1858, to that member of the first-year class outstanding in character, conduct, and scholarship.

Citation of Citizenship in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Recognizes those students studying mathematics or computer science, whose contributions both aid the educational mission of the department and foster a sense of community that encourages and supports all members of the department.

Clark Fellowship • Established in memory of John Blanchard Clark by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Clark of Pittsford, New York; his sister, Catherine; relatives; and friends. Awarded annually to a qualified graduating senior of Wesleyan University for graduate study in a school of medicine. Recipients are judged by members of the Health Professions Panel on their potential for outstanding achievement, their promise of community leadership and public-spirited citizenship, and their scholastic record at Wesleyan.

Clee Scholarship • Established by friends and associates of Gilbert Harrison Clee, Class of 1935, late president of the Board of Trustees. Awarded annually to a member of the junior class, who will remain a Clee Scholar throughout his or her junior and senior years, who will have demonstrated high standards of leadership, a deep commitment to Wesleyan University, an interest in the broad implications of multinational business enterprises, a sensitivity to the need for a creative balance between the public and private sectors, and an intention to pursue a career in business. A specific objective will be to select individuals who exemplify the qualities that characterized Gilbert Harrison Clee as a humane person and as a leader.

Dr. Neil Clendeninn Prize • Established in 1991 by George Thornton, Class of 1991, and David Derryck, Class of 1993, for the African American student who has achieved academic excellence in biology and/or molecular biology and biochemistry. This student must have completed his or her sophomore year and in that time have exemplified those qualities of character, leadership, and concern for the Wesleyan community as shown by Dr. Neil Clendeninn, Class of 1971.

Cole Prize • Established through the gift of George Henry Walker, Class of 1881, in the memory of Charles Edward Cole. Awarded to the first-year student who shows the greatest ability in fiction or nonfiction writing.

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals This fellowship funded by the German Bundestag and U.S. Department of State, that annually provides 75 American and 75 German young professionals, between the ages of 18 -24, the opportunity to spend one year in each other's countries, studying, interning, and living with hosts on a cultural immersion program.

Connecticut Higher Education Community Service Award • Established in 1993 by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education to promote community service leadership and activities by students at Connecticut’s institutions of higher education. This award recognizes outstanding student contributions to the promotion of community service through projects that increase student participation in their college community and projects that develop a unique approach to effective community service.

Herbert Lee Connelly Prize • Given in 1980 by Mabel Wells Connelly in the name of her husband, a member of the Class of 1909 and alumni secretary, 1924–56. Supplemented by friends, relatives, and sons Hugh Wells and Theodore Sample '48, the fund provides income to be awarded annually to a deserving undergraduate who demonstrates an interest in English literature and an unusual ability in nonfiction writing.

CRC Award for Outstanding First-Year Chemistry Students Awarded to an outstanding first-year chemistry student, based on grades in organic chemistry over the interval of the current academic year.

Critical Language Scholarship • An intensive summer program of overseas language and cultural immersion in one of 15 languages deemed critical to U.S. national security.

Christina Crosby Award for Social Justice Feminism • Awarded each year to a FGSS major who epitomizes Christina's dedication to social justice activism and scholarship (expressed in multiple ways - through thesis or essay writing, through activism on and/or off campus etc.).

Davenport Prize • Established in 1948 by the gift of Ernest W. Davenport in honor of his brother, Frederick Morgan Davenport, Class of 1889, for excellence shown by seniors in the field of government and politics.

Dorchester Prize • Established through the gift of Daniel Dorchester IV, Class of 1874. Awarded for the best thesis submitted to the English department.

W. E. B. Du Bois Prize • Awarded annually for academic excellence to a student majoring in African American studies.

Dutcher Prize • Established by gift of Arthur A. Vanderbilt, Class of 1910, in honor of Professor George Matthew Dutcher, for highest excellence in the history department.

Kevin Echart Memorial Book Prize • Awarded to the graduating College of Letters senior who best exemplifies the intellectual curiosity and range, the pleasure in colloquy, the capacity for admiration and skepticism, and the moral seriousness and love of books that we honored in our late colleague Kevin Echart and seek to foster in the students of the College of Letters.

Exceptional Program of the Year Award • Awarded to the coordinator(s) of an exceptional program, cultural event, speaker, or production that has had positive campus-wide impact.

William Firshein Prize • Awarded to the graduating MB&B student who has contributed the most to the interests and character of the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department.

First-Year Leadership Award • Awarded to a first-year student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership or involvement in the Wesleyan community.

Susan Frazer Prize • Awarded annually to the student (or students) who has done the most distinguished work in the elementary and intermediate French language sequence.

Freeman Prize • Established in 1975 by Mansfield Freeman, Class of 1916. Awarded annually to a senior for excellence in East Asian studies.

French Government Teaching Assistantship • One-year assistantship for teaching English at a lycée in France, administered by the Institute for International Education (New York).

Beulah Friedman Prize • This prize recognizes work of outstanding achievement by a student in the history of art. The prize is awarded to a member of the senior class.

Friends of the Wesleyan Library Undergraduate Research Prize • Established in 2017 to recognize research projects in any field (besides honors theses) in any field that demonstrate outstanding and creative use of Wesleyan’s library collections and resources.

Fulbright Fellowship • These grants are funded by the United States government under the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (Fulbright-Hays Act) and by many foreign countries. The grants, administered by the Institute for International Education, provide for one year of study at a university abroad.

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Grant • Awarded by the United States Department of Education to fund individual doctoral students to conduct research in other countries in modern foreign languages and area studies for periods of six to twelve months.

Fulbright Teaching Assistantship • Placement abroad providing classroom assistance to English-language teachers who also serve as cultural ambassadors for the United States.

Gay, Lesbian, and Sexuality Studies Prize • Donated by the Wesleyan Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association (GALA), this prize is awarded annually to the undergraduate who has done the best research and writing on a subject in gay, lesbian, and sexuality studies.

German Academic Exchange Service Fellowship • At least one fellowship per year for study at a German university. The German Academic Exchange Service is a private, self-governing organization of German universities, which promotes international exchange among institutions of higher learning.

German Pedagogical Exchange Service Assistantship/Fulbright Grant • A one year teaching apprenticeship in Germany.

Giffin Prize • Established in 1912 by a gift of Mrs. Charles Mortimer Giffin, in memory of her husband, an honorary graduate of the Class of 1875. Awarded for excellence in the Department of Religion.

Akiva Goldsman Prize in Screenwriting • Awarded to the graduating film studies major who has written the best full-length screenplay in the Department of Film Studies.

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship • Awarded by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation to a college student who has outstanding potential and intends to pursue a career in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering.

Graduate Student of the Year Award • Awarded to a graduate student who has proven to be a vital and dynamic member of the Wesleyan community through taking on an active leadership role in campus life.

Graham Prize • The gift of James Chandler Graham, Class of 1890, awarded to a member of the graduating class for excellence in natural science.

Grant/Wilcox Prize • Awarded in honor of Connecticut filmmakers Ellsworth Grant and Roy Wilcox to the senior whose work in film and video best addresses significant environmental, social, or artistic issues.

James T. Gutmann Field Studies Scholarship • Established in 2007 by Lisette Cooper ’81, to honor her former professor and mentor, James T. Gutmann. Awarded to an especially promising major in earth and environmental sciences to support geologic field research expected to lead to a senior honors thesis.

Hallowell Prize • Established by friends and associates of Burton C. Hallowell, Class of 1936, former professor of economics and executive vice president of the University. Awarded annually to an outstanding senior in the study of social science, as determined by the governing board of the Public Affairs Center.

Sarah Hannah Prize • Offered in memory of Sarah Hannah '88, in association with the Academy of American Poets, and awarded for an outstanding poem.

Hawk Prize • The gift of Philip B. Hawk, Class of 1898, as a memorial to his wife, Gladys, to the students who have done the most effective work in biochemistry.

Health Education Prize • Awarded annually to the graduating senior who best exemplifies the goals of Wesleyan’s Health Education Program, which are the promotion of healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. The student who is chosen for this prize has demonstrated commitment not only to his or her personal well-being but has also served as a role model to peers in the Wesleyan community and beyond.

Heideman Award • Established in 1972, in honor of Enid and Walter Heideman. Awarded annually to an undergraduate who has helped others in the Wesleyan community, in the tradition of the Heidemans.

Rachel Henderson Theater Prize • Awarded annually to that student who, in the estimation of the theater faculty, has contributed most to theater at Wesleyan over the course of his or her undergraduate career.

Holzberg Fellowship • Established in memory of Jules D. Holzberg, professor of psychology, by gifts of his colleagues and friends. Awarded to a senior who intends to pursue graduate study in clinical or community psychology in recognition of the commitment to research and applied work on the resolution of social problems on the individual and collective level that is consistent with Professor Holzberg’s lifelong professional interests and humanitarian concerns.

Horgan Prize • Established by the Department of English in honor of Paul Horgan, professor emeritus and writer-in-residence. Awarded to the student who has written the best short story of the year.

Ingraham Prize • The gift of Robert Seney Ingraham, Class of 1888, and his wife, for excellence in New Testament Greek or, in years when a course in that subject is not given, for excellence in a course in Greek elective for juniors and seniors.

Jessup Prize • Awarded to two undergraduates each year who are deemed to show the greatest talent and promise for even greater excellence in sculpture, printmaking, architecture, photography, painting, or drawing. The prize is given in memory of Pauline Jessup, a noted interior designer, who practiced her craft for over 60 years throughout the United States. Mrs. Jessup was noted for her unerring eye, her extraordinarily refined taste, and her steadfast commitment to her clients—many of whom she served over three generations. The award is determined by the Department of Art and Art History.

Johnston Prize • The gift of David George Downey, Class of 1884, in memory of Professor John Johnston. Awarded to those first-year students or sophomores whose performance in their first two semesters of physics shows exceptional promise.

Keasbey Memorial Scholarship • Awarded by the Keasbey Memorial Foundation on the basis of academic excellence and a strong record of extracurricular participation for two years of graduate study in England.

P. L. Kellam Prize • Established in memory of Priscilla L. Kellam '83, by her husband. Awarded annually to a senior woman, under the age of 25, who has majored in East Asian studies and has traveled or plans to travel to China to further her studies.

Barry Kiefer Prize • In memory of Barry I. Kiefer to celebrate outstanding graduating PhD students in biology and molecular biology and biochemistry.

Leavell Memorial Prize—Film • Awarded annually to a senior film student who has done outstanding work in the major, and who best reflects the departmental goals of citizenship, scholarship, and the wedding of theory and practice.

Leavell Memorial Prize—Music • Awarded annually to a senior who has done outstanding work in music, and whose work manifests the ideals of the World Music Program in the Department of Music.

Lebergott-Lovell Prize • In honor of Professors Emeritus of Economics Stanley Lebergott and Michael Lovell. To be awarded to the best paper written in the current academic year that uses econometric techniques to analyze an economic problem. Established in 2011 by Bruce Greenwald; first awarded in 2012.

Leonard Prize • Given in 1917 in memory of William Day Leonard, Class of 1878, by his friends. Awarded annually to the member of the WSA who has given honor to his or her post on the WSA or one of its committees through his or her leadership, and has selflessly served the greater interest of the Wesleyan student body.

Levy-Spira Prize • Awarded for distinction in Latin American studies. Established in 1992 in memory of Eduardo Levy-Spira '82, by his family and friends.

Limbach Prize • Established in 1966 by Russell T. Limbach, professor of art, in memory of his wife, Edna Limbach. Awarded annually to the student who has contributed the most imaginative, generous, thoughtful, and understanding social service to the people of the city of Middletown and/or the Wesleyan community.

Lipsky Prize • The gift of the Reverend and Mrs. Bailey G. Lipsky in memory of their son, Francis Jules Lipsky, Class of 1931, to the member of the choir possessing in the highest degree unfailing kindliness, quiet dignity, and brilliant scholarship.

Littell Prize • The gift of Franklin Bowers Littell, Class of 1891, for excellence in one or more advanced courses in astronomy.

Luce Scholarship • The Henry Luce Foundation selects 18 graduates to spend a year in an Asian country and provides an experience that will broaden the participant’s perspective on his or her chosen career field.

Macmillan Scholar of Saint Andrew’s Society of the State of New York • Awarded by the Saint Andrew’s Society of the State of New York, this scholarship enables outstanding college graduates of Scottish descent to engage in a year of graduate study in Scotland.

John W. Macy Summer Internship in Public Administration • Established by friends and colleagues of John W. Macy, Class of 1938. Awarded to the junior who most clearly exemplifies, in the decision of the selection committee, the characteristics associated with John Macy: high intellectual ability, a capacity for sustained effort in difficult tasks, strong ethical standards, an ingrained sense of duty, and a commitment to public service as a worthy career.

Mann Prize • Established in memory of Albert Mann, Class of 1906, devoted alumnus and faculty member, by his daughters and their families. Awarded annually to the senior(s) showing the most outstanding achievements in the Romance languages.

George C. Marshall Scholarship • Awarded annually for two years of study at any university in the United Kingdom, on the basis of distinction of intellect and character as evidenced by both scholastic attainments and other activities and achievements; strong motivation and seriousness of purpose; and the potential to make a significant contribution to one’s own society.

Martius Yellow Award • Awarded for excellence in organic synthesis.

Roger Maynard Award • A memorial award to that senior scholar-athlete who best exemplifies the spirit, accomplishments, and humility of Roger Maynard, Class of 1937, former trustee.

James L. McConaughy Writing Prize • Awarded for a piece of nonfiction writing, on a topic in the social sciences or sciences, that is designed to interest general readers. Funds for this award were given originally by members of the Class of 1936 in honor of their classmate, James L. McConaughy, a former governor of Connecticut and president of Wesleyan University.

Richard McLellan Prize • Awarded annually to a junior who exemplifies those qualities that characterize the late Richard McLellan, director of the Career Planning Center and associate dean of the college: character, leadership, commitment to public service and diversity, wide cultural interests, and a sense of humor.

Priscilla Meyer Fund • Established in honor of Professor Priscilla Meyer's teaching career at Wesleyan.  Awarded to Wesleyan students who are the most dedicated to the study of topics related to Russia, Eastern Europe, or Eurasia.

Meyer Prize • Established in 1991 in honor of retiring colleague Donald A. Meyer, and awarded for the best honors thesis in American History.

Joan W. Miller Prize • Established by Professor Miller in 2008. It is awarded for the outstanding honors thesis in the College of Social Studies.

Richard A. Miller Summer Internship Grant • Awarded in honor of Woodhouse/Sysco Professor of Economics Richard A. Miller to students pursuing summer internships related to potential business careers.

George J. Mitchell Scholarship • Awarded annually for one year of graduate study in any discipline offered by an institution of higher learning in Ireland or Northern Ireland on the basis of superior records of academic excellence, leadership, and public service.

Monroe Prize • Established in 1985 by the Center for African American Studies in memory of John G. Monroe, director, scholar, and teacher in the Center for African American Studies and in the Theater Department. This prize is to be awarded annually to the Wesleyan sophomore or junior who, in the opinion of the review committee, submits the best scholarly essay in the field of African American studies.

Janina Montero Prize • Awarded annually to a Latino student who has promoted the health, visibility, and participation of the Latino community at Wesleyan. The individual should best exemplify personal integrity, leadership, and motivation; a strong interest in and knowledge of his or her background; and have maintained a high level of commitment to Wesleyan’s academic and intellectual enterprise.

David Morgan Prize • To be awarded annually to the senior major or majors in the College of Social Studies (CSS) and/or the history department who best demonstrated the integrity and commitment to community that characterized David’s 37 years of service to the CSS, his department, and to the University.

Peter Morgenstern-Clarren Social Justice Award • Awarded to a sophomore or junior with a demonstrated commitment to social justice issues.

Mosaic Award • This award recognizes the contribution(s) of a person or organization that has brought about cultural awareness and education on one or more of the following issues: race, ethnicity, culture, and/or sexual orientation.

Geraldine J. Murphy Prize • Established in memory of Geraldine J. Murphy, who was the first woman hired as a full-time instructor at Wesleyan (1957), the first woman promoted to a tenured position, and the first woman promoted to the rank of full professor. The prize is endowed by alumni of the Wesleyan Master of Arts in Teaching program. Awarded to a student who has written an outstanding critical essay that focuses on short fiction or novels.

Needler Prize • Established by Sophie Needler, in memory of her husband, Bennett Needler. Awarded annually to one or two graduating seniors who have demonstrated excellence in Hebrew or Jewish studies.

NNK Award • Awarded for the best screenplay for an undergraduate film.

Carol B. Ohmann Memorial Prize • Awarded for excellence in feminist, gender, and sexuality studies.

Olin Fellowship • Founded in 1854 by the wife of Stephen Olin, president, 1839–41 and 1842–51. Later increased by gifts of their son, Stephen Henry Olin, Class of 1866 and acting president, 1922–23, and his wife, Emeline. Awarded in recognition of achievement in English. The fellowship supports supervised work in English outside of the Wesleyan course structure.

Outreach and Community Service Award • Awarded to the senior theater major who, through his or her work in the Theater Department, has done a significant service in the community.

Outstanding Collaboration Award • Awarded for a program that was successfully planned in the spirit of partnership and teamwork.

Parker Prize • Established in 1870 by the Reverend John Parker, trustee 1859–71. Awarded to a sophomore or junior who excels in public speaking.

Peirce Prize • Awarded in successive years for excellence in biology, chemistry, and geology.

Emily White Pendleton Scholarship • Established in 1979 by Ralph Darling Pendleton, founder of the Theater Department, in memory of his wife. Awarded annually to a dance major or to a student who is significantly involved in dance and who shows outstanding promise in the field.

Peterson Fellowship • Established in 1963 by bequest of William Harold Peterson, Class of 1907, for graduate study in biochemistry at Wesleyan.

Plukas Prize • Established in 1986 by John Plukas, Class of 1966, this prize is awarded to graduating economics seniors to be applied toward summer expenses, during which period each student will work under the supervision of a faculty advisor to convert an honors project into a publishable article.

Plukas Teaching Apprentice Award • Established in 1986 by John Plukas, Class of 1966, this prize is awarded for excellent service to the economics department as a teaching apprentice.

Gwen Livingston Pokora Prize • Established in 1993, awarded annually to the outstanding undergraduate student in music composition.

Prentice Prize • The gift of Mrs. Elizabeth Brooks Prentice in memory of Professor George Prentice to that junior or senior who excels in German. This prize is given in alternate years.

The Wallace C. Pringle Prize for Research in Chemistry • Gift of Eleanor and Wallace Pringle and their family and friends. This prize is to be awarded annually by the chemistry department to a student for excellence in research.

Sophie and Anne Reed Prize • Established in 1968 by Leon Reed and his sons, S. Chadwick '41 and Dr. Victor Reed, in memory of Mrs. Sophie Reed, for the best poem or group of poems.

Damain Garth Reeves Memorial Book Prize • Awarded to the first-year student who best embodies the personal and intellectual qualities of Damain Reeves, Class of 2000.

Rhodes Scholarship • Two years of study at Oxford University, awarded on the basis of high academic achievement, integrity of character, a spirit of unselfishness, respect for others, potential for leadership, and physical vigor.

Rice Prize • Awarded for excellence in mathematics to a senior.

Michael Rice Prize in Computer Science • Endowed in 2008 by the Fernando and Appapillai families in honor of Dr. Michael D. Rice and awarded to a senior for excellence in computer science.

Rich Prize • The gift of Isaac Rich, trustee 1849–72, in memory of his wife, and later supplemented by appropriations from the Board of Trustees. Awarded to those seniors whose orations are judged best in composition and delivery.

Robertson Prize • Awarded to a sophomore for excellence in mathematics.

Robins Memorial Prize • Established in 1969, in memory of George D. Robins (Class of 1898), by Frank D. Robins '34 and Douglas H. Robins '66, for excellence in history.

Steven J. Ross Prize • Established in 1979 as a gift of Steven J. Ross of Warner Communications. Awarded annually for the best undergraduate film, digital and/or virtual, made in the Film Studies Department.

Juan Roura-Parella Prize • Established in 1984 to be awarded annually to an undergraduate whose work represents the kind of catholic curiosity and general learning that Professor Juan Roura-Parella exemplified.

Rulewater Prize • Awarded for outstanding reflection and writing on an interdisciplinary topic in the Graduate Liberal Studies program.

Robert Schumann Distinguished Student Award • Established in 2007 by a gift from the Robert Schumann Foundation. Awarded to an outstanding student who demonstrates academic accomplishment and excellence in environmental stewardship through work at Wesleyan or the greater Middletown community.

Scott Biomedical Prize • Awarded to a member(s) of the molecular biology and biochemistry senior class who has demonstrated excellence and interest in commencing a career in academic or applied medicine.

Scott Prize • Established by Charles Scott Jr., MA, Class of 1886, and trustee 1905–22, in memory of John Bell Scott, Class of 1881, for excellence in modern languages.

Mary and John Sease Prize • Awarded for outstanding work in environmental science.

Sehlinger Prize • Established by the Class of 1965 in memory of Charles Edward Sehlinger III, who died in 1964. The award of a medical dictionary is given to a premedical student for excellence of character, community spirit, and academic achievement.

Senior Legacy Award • Awarded to a senior who has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership throughout his or her four years in the Wesleyan community.

Frances M. Sheng Prize • Awarded for excellence in Chinese language and excellence in Japanese language.

Sherman Prize—Classical Studies • Established by David Sherman, DD, Class of 1872. Two prizes awarded annually, one for excellence in first-year mathematics and the other for excellence in classics.

Sherman Prize—Math • Established by David Sherman, DD, Class of 1872. Two prizes awarded annually, one for excellence in first-year mathematics and the other for excellence in classics.

Rae Shortt Prize • Established in memory of Rae M. Shortt. Awarded to a junior for excellence in mathematics.

Samuel C. Silipo Prize • Awarded annually for the most valuable player(s) of the Wesleyan orchestra.

Silverman Prize • Established by gift of Elisha Adelbert Silverman, Class of 1922, and awarded to a member of the junior or senior class for excellence in chemistry.

Skirm Prize • Established by members of the Class of 1931 in memory of their classmate, Thomas H. Skirm, this prize is awarded to a government major early in his or her senior year, to recognize the best research or writing project done during the junior year.

Social Activist Award • Awarded to the individual or student group who best exemplifies the spirit of social activism and through whose efforts constructive social change ensued.

Annie Sonnenblick Writing Award • Established by the family of the late Annie Sonnenblick, Class of 1980, in 1992 as a complement to the annual Annie Sonnenblick Lecture. The prize provides financial support for a student who wishes to undertake an independent writing project during the summer between his or her junior and senior years.

Spinney Prize • The gift of Joseph S. Spinney, trustee 1875–82 and 1888–93, for excellence in Greek. Awarded for the best original essay on some aspect of Greek or Roman civilization.

Spurrier Award • The William A. Spurrier Ethics Award, established by Dr. James Case, given to the student who demonstrates in the field of ethics: sensitivity, insight, depth, and humor. Given in memory of William Spurrier III, chaplain and Hedding Professor of Moral Science and Religion.

Student Organization of the Year • Awarded to a student organization that has excelled in sustaining leadership, an active membership, and programmatic efforts that contribute to the larger Wesleyan community.

Studio Art Program Prize • Awarded to one or more students who show particular promise for success as demonstrated through performance in classes and general contributions to the department.

Taylor Scholarship • Awarded to a history major based on outstanding academic achievement and other qualities such as fine character, good fellowship, leadership, and service to the Wesleyan community.

Thorndike Prize • Established by a gift of Elizabeth Moulton Thorndike in memory of her husband, Edward Lee Thorndike, Class of 1895, for excellence in psychology.

Tishler Teaching Award • Established by the family and friends of Dr. Max Tishler, professor emeritus of chemistry and University Professor of the Sciences, emeritus. Awarded annually in his memory to the best graduate teaching assistant in chemistry.

Elizabeth Verveer Tishler Prize—Art • Established in 1981 by a gift from Mrs. Tishler. Awarded annually for an outstanding senior exhibition in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, or architecture.

Elizabeth Verveer Tishler Prize—Music • Established in 1981 by a gift from Mrs. Tishler. Expanded in 1989 for excellence in piano performance. Two prizes are given annually: one for Western classical piano performance and the other for jazz piano performance.

David A. Titus Memorial Prize • Established by family, friends, and students in memory of Professor David Titus to support the summer studies of a deserving Wesleyan junior majoring in government, East Asian studies, or the College of Social Studies.

Shu Tokita Prize • Established by friends and relatives of Shu Tokita, Class of 1984, and awarded to students of color studying literature and in area studies with a focus on literature. The recipient will be selected on the basis of his or her application essay and commitment to the study of literature.

Tölölyan Fund for the Study of Diasporas and Transnationalism • Established in 2008 by Bruce Greenwald, professor of economics at Columbia Business School, in honor of Wesleyan Professor Khachig Tölölyan. The award funds the summer research of a junior with the best proposal for a thesis on the study of diasporic or transnational issues.

Trench Prize • The gift of Miss Grace A. Smith, in memory of William James Trench, trustee 1835–67, for excellence in the Department of Religion.

Truman Scholarship • A national competition funded by the United States government that provides scholarships for graduate study to juniors who have outstanding leadership potential and intend to pursue careers in public service.

Kenneth W. Underwood Prize in Social Ethics • Awarded to the College of Social Studies (CSS) student selected to discuss a paper on the subject of social ethics delivered by a guest scholar at one of the two annual CSS banquets.

United States Teaching Assistantship in Austria • One-year assistantship for teaching English in Austria, funded by the Austrian government.

Karl Van Dyke Prize • Awarded each year to one or more students majoring in physical science or having a predominant interest in physical science and technology and who show outstanding achievement in academic work and a promise of productivity in a professional career.

Vanguard Prize • Established by black alumni in tribute to the black members of the Class of 1969, whose perseverance and pioneering leadership earned them designation as the Vanguard Class. The prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has achieved academic excellence and contributed significantly to maintaining Wesleyan’s racial diversity.

Walkley Prize • Two prizes, the gift of Webster Rogers Walkley, Class of 1860, in memory of David Hart Walkley, Class of 1878, for excellence in psychology. Awarded to those juniors and seniors who present the best reports or work embodying original research.

Watson Fellowship • Awarded by the Thomas J. Watson Foundation, to enable college graduates of unusual promise to engage in an initial postgraduate year of independent study and travel abroad.

Weidenfeld Scholarship • The Weidenfeld Scholarship supports all tuition fees and living costs associated with graduate study at Oxford University. It fosters European networks and promotes the post-university careers of its scholars through work placements, long-term mentoring, and engagement in leadership and conferences.

Weller Prize • The gift of Mrs. LeRoy Weller, in memory of her husband, LeRoy Weller, Class of 1899, to the student having the highest academic average for the sophomore year.

Wesleyan Animal Studies Prize • Awarded for the best thesis or senior essay on a subject in animal studies.

Wesleyan Black Alumni Council Memorial Prize • Established in 1986 by the Wesleyan Black Alumni Council in memory of deceased black alumni. The prize provides a summer stipend to support a deserving student engaged in independent study or community service related to the concerns of black people.

Wesleyan Fiction Award • A gift from Norman Mailer to the Wesleyan Writing Program, this award recognizes an outstanding piece of fiction written by a Wesleyan student.

Wesleyan Global Fellowship Funded and administered by the Fries Center for Global Studies, this pilot one-year program supports several weeks of independent exploration in one or two countries outside the U.S. The prizes go to graduating seniors whose passion, imagination, and independence led to their being selected as university-wide nominees for the Watson Fellowship.

Wesleyan Memorial Prize • The gift of undergraduates in the Class of 1943 in memory of fellow students who made the supreme sacrifice in the Second World War, to the members of the junior class outstanding in qualities of character, leadership, and scholarship.

White Fellowship—Government • Awarded for excellence in government to a graduate or an advanced undergraduate in government.

White Fellowship—History • Awarded for excellence in history.

White Prize • Established in 1942 by Horace Glenn White Jr., Class of 1933, and increased in 1943 by friends in his memory. Awarded for advanced undergraduate study in economics.

M. G. White Prize • The Marni Goldstein White Award recognizes the best Honors Thesis written in American Studies each year.

Wilde Prize • Established in 1963 by Frazer B. Wilde, LLD, Class of 1958, awarded to a junior or senior for excellence in economics.

Winchester ENGL 201 Essay Prize • In honor of Caleb Thomas Winchester, this prize is awarded to the best essay written in a section of ENGL 201 in the preceding calendar year.

Winchester Fellowship • Established in 1938, in memory of Professor Caleb Thomas Winchester, by his widow. Awarded to Wesleyan graduates for postgraduate work in English.

Winchester First-Year Essay Prize • In honor of Caleb Thomas Winchester, this prize is awarded to the best scholarly essay written by a first-year student in any English department course in the preceding calendar year.

Wise Prize • The gift of Daniel Wise, DD, Class of 1859, for excellence in the philosophy department; for the best essay on moral science or on some subject in the field or values.