2022-2023 Edition

Academic Catalog

History Minor

Admission to the Minor

Why history? The minor in history offers students interested in history an avenue to gain coherent expertise in the field without committing to the nine-credit coursework and research required for the major. The department intends the minor to be an opportunity to offer students a cluster of courses organized along thematic, geographical, or temporal lines that establishes some depth in the subject, its modes of analysis, and methods of investigation.

The minor is simple. Take six Department of History courses, two of which need to be seminars numbered 300 and above.

Minor Requirements

What next? The minor program in history consists of six semester-courses. These six courses must include the following:

  1. Two Department of History seminars numbered 300-399.
  2. One pre-1800 course: at least one of the six courses must be chiefly concerned with the pre-industrial era.

The following stipulations also apply:

  • At least five of the six courses must number 150 or higher.
  • Only courses taught by faculty appointed in history may count toward the minor.
  • Tutorials, education in the field, and student forums cannot be counted toward the minor.
  • AP or IB credit cannot count toward the minor.
  • Students may declare a history minor at any point in their undergraduate career via WesPortal>Academics>Major/Minor/Certificate Declaration.
  • There is no minimum grade average to complete the minor, and there are no required gateway courses or course sequences for entry into the minor.