2021-2022 Edition

Academic Catalog

Chemistry Minor


The Chemistry minor provides students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of chemical science.

Admission to the Minor

To declare the Chemistry minor, students must 1) have earned a grade of C or better in all completed 100- or 200-level chemistry courses and 2) have completed or be currently enrolled in CHEM251.

Minor Requirements

To receive the Chemistry Minor, students must complete all of the following required courses.  A grade of C or better in all 100- and 200- is required to count towards the minor:

  • General Chemistry I & II (CHEM141  & CHEM142)* OR Principles of Chemistry I & II (CHEM143 & CHEM144)*
  • Introductory Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM152)*
  • Principles of Organic Chemistry I & II  (CHEM251 & CHEM252)
  • Intermediate Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM257)
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM258)
  • Chemistry Symposia I OR II (CHEM521 OR CHEM522)
  • One 300 level course taught by the Chemistry Department