2022-2023 Edition

Academic Catalog

Chemistry Minor


The chemistry minor is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the chemical sciences.  Emphasis is given to foundational theories of the chemical nature of the world around us, as well as critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. The chemistry minor is also ideal for students working to complete prerequisites for graduate programs in medicine and other health-related fields.

Admission to the Minor

Students who have completed and earned a grade of C or better in the required 100-level courses, CHEM251, and CHEM257 may declare the chemistry minor.

Minor Requirements

All 200-level and higher courses for the minor must be completed at Wesleyan. Transfer students may, however, be allowed to apply equivalent courses completed at their previous institution. All 100- and 200-level courses required for the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Required Lecture Courses: Students may fulfill the general chemistry requirement for the minor by completing either i) General Chemistry (CHEM141 and CHEM142); ii) Principles of Chemistry (CHEM143 and CHEM144); iii) CHEM144 with 1.0 AP/IB/A-Level credit; or iv) 2.0 AP/IB/A-Level credits. All students must complete Principles of Organic Chemistry (CHEM251 and CHEM252).

Required Laboratory Courses:  Students must complete Introductory Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM152), unless they have earned 2.0 AP/IB/A-Level credits. All students must complete Intermediate Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM257) and Organic Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM258).

Required Elective Course: Students must complete one 300-level chemistry elective (1.0 credit). Cross-listed electives may only be applied to the minor requirements if they are hosted in the Chemistry Department.  Note that chemistry electives used to fulfill a requirement for another major/minor are not excluded from being used to also fulfill the chemistry minor.