2023-2024 Edition

Academic Catalog

Asian American Studies Cluster

Asian American Studies focuses on exploring the historical and current presence of Asians in the Americas. The field aims to understand both how people from East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia have been racialized in the context of the United States, as well as how Asian Americans have constructed their identity and stories. This cluster also explores ideas of diasporic identity and transnational migrations and how they shape Asian America. Understanding the social and historical presence of Asians in America is crucial to an understanding of racial formation, immigration, citizenship, and nationality in the United States.
Asian American Studies examines the experience of Asians in the United States, and how the unique history of marginalization and exclusion informs today’s issues within the Asian American community. 

The Asian American Studies course cluster introduces students to the central concepts of racialization, migration, and intersectionality as they relate to Asians in the United States. The cluster is interdisciplinary, incorporating perspectives from the humanities and social sciences.

AMST273South Asian Literature in the American Diasporas1
AMST291Afro-Asian Intersections in the Americas1
CEAS218"Other Chinas": Literature from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Sinophone Southeast Asia1
CEAS355Between Asia and Asian America1
ENGL165FQuerying the Nation: American Literature and Ethnic Studies (FYS)1
ENGL230Introduction to Asian American Literature1
ENGL244Kill Anything That Moves: The Vietnam War in Literature and Film1
ENGL361After Orientalism: Asian American Literature and Theory After 20001
RELI221Islam and Muslim Cultures: Introduction with Case Studies1
RELI230Cinematic Encounters: Muslims and/in/of the West1
SISP342Queer Robotics: Cyborgs in Science Fiction & Anthropology1
SOC309America's Lure: The Politics of the Transnational US University1
SPAN285Asian Latino Encounters1