2023-2024 Edition

Academic Catalog

Study Abroad

Bachelor of arts students may earn Wesleyan credits by enrolling for nonresident study in either of the following types of programs abroad: 

  • Wesleyan-administered programs 

  • Wesleyan-approved programs 

The only way in which courses taken abroad during the academic year can be credited toward a Wesleyan bachelor of arts degree is by prior approval from the Office of Study Abroad (OSA). Details regarding the application process are available in the OSA, on the OSA website (wesleyan.edu/cgs/osa), and through a student’s electronic portfolio. 

Wesleyan-Administered Programs 

The Wesleyan-administered programs are: 

  • France: Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Paris 

  • Italy:Eastern College Consortium (ECCO) Program in Bologna 

  • Spain:Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Madrid 

Study on these programs does not count toward the semester-in-residence requirement. 

Wesleyan-Approved Programs 

The Office of Study Abroad maintains a list of programs preapproved for Wesleyan credit in a wide range of countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and the Americas. In certain circumstances, the Office of Study Abroad may grant ad hoc approval for a program not included on the preapproved list. See the OSA website for details (wesleyan.edu/cgs/osa), including the preapproved program list. 

Study Abroad Regulations, Guidelines, and Financial Procedures 

Copies of the regulations, guidelines, and financial procedures are available on the OSA website and through a student’s electronic portfolio. 

Up to four Wesleyan credits are normally allowed for each of two semesters. Permission for up to a fifth credit in any given semester may be granted by the program director in the case of Wesleyan-administered programs and by the Director of Study Abroad for Wesleyan-approved programs. Grades earned will be reported on the Wesleyan transcript and will be counted in GPA calculations. Students have the option of selecting CR/U grading mode for one course per semester for transfer credit. The deadline for this varies by program.  

Credit toward graduation is approved by the Office of Study Abroad. For credit toward completion of a major, certificate, or minor, students must consult with the relevant chair or advisor when applying for study abroad. Students must have courses for major, certificate, or minor credit preapproved before departure or, in the event that course information is not available before the program begins, at the point of course registration. Such credit is not granted retroactively, and students who need to change course selections on arrival abroad must seek approval at the time of registration through their advisor and the Office of Study Abroad. It is the responsibility of the student to check with the class dean concerning progress toward graduation and the possibility of oversubscription. Each course taken abroad and approved will carry the appropriate General Education designation if one can be determined from the available information about the course. 

Students placed on strict probation at the end of the semester and students on medical leave are not eligible to study abroad the following semester; exceptions may be made with the approval of the Deans and the Office of Study Abroad. Any grade of incomplete (IN), deferred grade (X), or absent from final exam (AB) must be resolved two weeks prior to the student’s departure date, and students with such grades on their transcript should consult with their class dean about the resolution process. 

All university academic regulations apply to students studying for Wesleyan credit abroad, and withdrawal from a study-abroad program will be treated in the same way as withdrawal from the University. Wesleyan may withdraw a student from a program abroad or place a student on medical leave, should it be deemed advisable to do so. 

Fees. Students are considered to be enrolled at Wesleyan while abroad. They are therefore charged Wesleyan tuition and are eligible for financial aid. Application for financial assistance should be made to the Financial Aid Office. Tuition charges cover the academic and administrative portions of the program expense. Expenses such as room and board, transportation, and cultural activities will be paid by students either through Wesleyan or directly, depending on the program. This financial arrangement applies to all study abroad for credit during the academic year. 

  • Wesleyan-administered programs.For information and application, students should contact the Office of Study Abroad. 

  • Wesleyan-approved programs.Besides applying directly to the sponsoring institution, students must fill out and submit to the Office of Study Abroad a Wesleyan application for permission to study abroad.