2023-2024 Edition

Academic Catalog

Advanced Degrees

BA/MA Program in the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Psychology

Wesleyan offers a BA/MA program as a formal curricular option for students who are interested in an intensive research experience. The program has a research orientation and includes course work, seminars, and, in some cases, teaching. The program provides a strong professional background for either further advanced study or employment in industry. The expected period for completion of the program is 10 semesters for those students who complete the BA in eight semesters. Students who finish the BA degree in less than eight semesters are eligible to apply. Departments and faculty advisors will pay careful attention to the course work and research backgrounds of students completing the BA in less than eight semesters to be sure they are able to meet all the expectations of the program in less than 10 full semesters of study and research. Further information on the BA/MA program is available at wesleyan.edu/grad/degree-programs/bama.html.

MA and PhD Programs in Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Music

The University offers work leading to the MA degree in astronomy, computer science, earth and environmental sciences, mathematics, and music, and to the PhD in biology, chemistry, ethnomusicology, mathematics, molecular biology and biochemistry, and physics. Theses and dissertations are required for these degrees. An interdepartmental program leading to the PhD is offered jointly by the chemistry and physics departments. An interdepartmental program in molecular biophysics leading to the PhD is offered by the departments of molecular biology and biochemistry and chemistry.

Graduate instruction is scheduled within an academic year consisting of two academic semesters from September to June. Summer work consisting of independent study or research is expected. No evening courses or summer school courses are available. Tuition remission and service as a teaching assistant are parts of the financial aid package offered to MA and PhD students. Information on the graduate programs is available at wesleyan.edu/grad/.

MA in Curatorial Practice

This program is designed to enhance the professional student's skills as a performing arts presenter, manager, producer, and curator, allowing each participant to advance in the field or, if the student is new to the field, enable him/her to pursue a position at a presenting institution or as an independent curator. Students gain an understanding of performance and movement-based artistic and curatorial practice; the social, cultural and historical context of these practices; and the ability to write and speak about this work in a variety of contexts. For more information, visit wesleyan.edu/icpp.

The MALS and MPhil in Graduate Liberal Studies

Graduate Liberal Studies offers courses in the arts, humanities, mathematics, sciences, and social sciences leading to the master of arts in liberal studies (MALS) or the master of philosophy in liberal arts (MPhil). Courses meet on campus or in various combinations of online teaching modes, featuring schedules designed for professionals who are part-time students. Students are expected to complete all graduation requirements within six years. For more information, visit wesleyan.edu/masters, e-mail masters@wesleyan.edu, or visit the office at 74 Wyllys Avenue.