2023-2024 Edition

Academic Catalog


A student may complete work for the bachelor of arts degree in fewer than the expected eight semesters, but in no less than the required semesters in residence. Please see Degree Requirements for semester-in-residence requirement. Requests for acceleration should be made in writing to the student’s class dean. This may be accomplished by (1) applying up to two prematriculation credits, such as approved transfer credits, Advanced Placement credits, A-level or Cambridge Pre-U credits, or International Baccalaureate credits; (2) transferring preapproved summer credit at Wesleyan or another institution; (3) completing independent study or education-in-the-field projects during a summer or an authorized leave of absence; (4) transferring preapproved credit taken at another institution while on an approved leave of absence; or (5) completing additional Wesleyan credits (beyond the expected course load per semester) during the academic year.