Animal Studies Cluster


Animal Studies is an emerging field that builds on scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences to investigate past and present relations between human and non-human animals, the representation of those relations, their ethical implications and their social, political, and ecological effects in and on the world. It is a field of critical importance today as the complex, but fragile interdependence of all life becomes increasingly apparent, and as scholars, artists, and activists seek ways to understand and enhance the lives of all animals. Wesleyan Animal Studies fosters scholarship on human-animal relations from a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Courses Associated with the Cluster

Popular Culture and Social Justice: An Introduction to American Studies
Junior Colloquium: Biopolitics, Animality, and Posthumanism
Eat, Grow, Save: The Anthropology of Food and Justice
Classic Studies in Animal Behavior
Animal Theories/Human Fictions
Mass Extinctions in the Oceans: Animal Origins to Anthropocene
Environmentalism in a Global Age
Economies of Death, Geographies of Care
Witnessing Animal Others: Mourning, Haunting, and the Politics of Animal (After) Lives
Race, Science, Gender, and Species
Performing the Posthuman: Music and Auditory Culture in the Age of Animanities
Humans, Animals, and Nature
The Ethics of Captivity
Animal Law and Policy
Animal Minds
Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination
Cognitive Psychology
The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination