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Certificate in Writing

Certificate Description

Certificate Description 

The Writing Certificate is designed to provide a flexible framework within which students from all majors can develop proficiency in creative writing (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, screenwriting, playwriting) and forms of nonfiction such as criticism, (auto)biography, science writing, political and literary journalism, and writing about academic subjects for nonspecialists.

Beginning with the class of 2024, the Writing Certificate is no longer accepting new students. Students currently enrolled in the Certificate will be supported as they complete their degrees.

Certificate Requirements

To earn the certificate, students must take at least five full-credit courses. These include

  • At least one course designated as an entry-level craft or technique course, but no more than two such courses;
  • Three electives, one of which may be a second entry-level craft or technique course, at least one of which must employ a workshop format, and one of which must be a Permission-of-the-Instructor course. One one-credit senior thesis or senior essay tutorial may be counted as an elective if the thesis entails creative writing.
  • WRCT350, a one-credit credit/unsatisfactory course, in which the participants work on compiling and revising portfolios of their work and present their work in class and to the public in events organized for this purpose.
  • Students must achieve a GPA of at least 3.5 in the courses counted toward the certificate.
Level I Courses
ANTH208Crafting Ethnography1
BIOL137Writing About Evolution1
CHIN223Creative Writing in Chinese1
COL227Life Writing: Writing About the Self and from Experience1
DANC107Writing Is Dancing, Dancing Is Writing1
E&ES130FDigital Storytelling with Maps: Science Stories (FYS)1
ENGL130OThe English Essay.5
ENGL131BWriting About Places: Africa1
ENGL190FPlace, Character, and Design: Techniques in Writing Nonfiction and Fiction (FYS)1
ENGL216Techniques of Poetry1
ENGL270Writing Creative Nonfiction1
ENGL292Techniques of Nonfiction1
ENGL296Techniques of Fiction1
FILM105Writing the Moving Image: Crafting Visual Stories1
MUSC205Song: Music and Text1
RL&L237Making New Worlds: Encounters on Turtle Island 1
RUSS220Speak, Memory: The Russian Memoir1
THEA115America in Prison: Theater Behind Bars1
THEA199Introduction to Playwriting1
THEA235Writing on and as Performance1
Level II Courses
AFAM345Writing Against Racism1
AMST245Personalizing History1
ANTH295BTheory in Anthropology: Anthropology of Affect1
ANTH309Reading Ethnography: Toward an Otherwise Anthropology1
ANTH361Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: The Dark Turn in Television Storytelling1
CLST330Classical Studies Today: Writing for a General Audience1
COL201Writing Nonfiction1
COL230Longform Narrative1
COL285The Essay from Page to Web Page1
COL309Truth & the Poet: Lyric Subjectivity and Phenomenology1
CSPL316Human Rights Advocacy: Critical Assessment and Practical Engagement in Global Social Justice1
ECON327The Global Firm: A Calderwood Public Writing Seminar1
ENGL132Writing Medicine and the Doctor-Writer1
ENGL265Special Topic: The Power of Mystery: Writing Crime and Noir Fiction1
ENGL271Distinguished Writers/New Voices1
ENGL290Place, Character, and Design: Techniques in Writing Nonfiction and Fiction1
ENGL297Creating Children's Books I1
ENGL306Asian American Posthumanisms: Biopolitics, Ecopoetics, and Literature1
ENGL313Special Topic: The Art of the Essay1
ENGL317Writing and Drawing Comics1
ENGL325Intermediate Nonfiction Workshop1
ENGL333Special Topic: Novel Forms1
ENGL336Intermediate Poetry Workshop1
ENGL337Advanced Poetry Workshop1
ENGL337AAdvanced Poetry Workshop: Radical Revision1
ENGL342Advanced Fiction Workshop1
ENGL343Special Topic: Writing Crime and Noir Fiction1
ENGL355Scribes, Book Worms, and Bibliomaniacs: The Thrall of the Book1
ENGL358Writing the War on Terror: Crafting Literary Responses to Fiction, Film, and Television after 9/111
ENGL360Special Topics: Writing Lives1
ENGL380Special Topics: Prosody and Poetic Forms1
ENGL491Teaching Apprentice Tutorial1
FILM370The Art of Film Criticism1
FILM455Writing for Television1
FILM459Writing for Television II1
FILM460Scripting Series for the Small Screen1
FREN238Representing the Self, Representing Yourself1
GOVT158Writing the World1
HIST243How to Make History, or the Art of History: Past, Present, & Future1
NS&B360Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Neuroplasticity and the Brain1
QAC250An Introduction to Data Journalism1
RUSS267Parody: Humor, Artistic Evolution, and Restoration of the Sacred1
SPAN227Writing Short Fiction in Spanish1
THEA279Music Theater Workshop1
THEA286Solo Performance1
THEA399Advanced Playwriting: Long Form1
WRCT250MScience Journalism: Why Animals Matter1
WRCT250QThe Journalist as Citizen1
WRCT250RFirst Person Singular 1
WRCT302All the Feels: Affect Theory and Cultural Studies1
Senior Seminar
WRCT350Writing Certificate Senior Seminar: Writing and Publishing1

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